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Our number one goal is to make sure every one of our patients leaves 100% happy and with a bright, white smile on their face!

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Latest technology combined with the profesionalism and seriosity of remarcable doctors

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loyalty towards the patient's needs

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You will leave with a bright smile on your face waiting to come back

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About us

HP clinic DENT Dental is a novelty in the local landscape, being highlighted through specialization in dental services and medical professionals, thus achieving a high degree of satisfaction and trust from patients. HP DENT clinic wants to become a model of quality dental services that provides a high standard of oral health in terms of fair costs. Complete solutions in dentistry are provided through health professionals, famous and experienced ones, from the dental market of Targu Mures and from the international one, being selected after strict professional standards. Professionalism in dental practice is doubled by equipping with the latest dental equipment, sterilization equipment of maximum safe rate and dental materials from leading world producers.

Products and Services

Benefiting of ultra modern equipment, advanced systems of hygiene and sterilization, facilities that ensure quality to the medical practice, HP DENT clinic offers:

prosthetics and aesthetic cosmetic

even if we talk about getting computerized dental crowns and veneers or a simple bleaching, HP DENT team aims to offer each patient the power of a wonderful smile.


at HP DENT clinic patients benefit from the possibility of performing dental radiographs using minimum radiant modern radiology equipment.


prevention, education and treatment of dental problems in children.

prevention and treatment of the structure of teeth in children and adults, using modern dental appliances.

esthetic and functional recovery of the functions of the oral cavity by means of immediate loading implants, avant-garde approach implantology

endodontic treatment performed with professionalism ensure no infectious processes at the root, which maintains the integrity of the tooth structure an extreme long period of time. Predictable dental treatment that offers the chance of saving a tooth with endodontic pathology, restoration of long term optimal coronary using the LEICA microscope

situations in which surgical approach is needed to manage complications arising in the oro-maxillo-facial cavity, are solved at HP DENT clinic, the patient being guided and counseled in everything that refers to the intervention made by an interdisciplinary medical commission.

The team, who gives life to this dental clinic, deals with seriousness and total commitment, the patient’s smile, applying modern methods and advanced personalized treatment for both minor and serious complications by using internationally recognized equipment and techniques. Interdisciplinary collaboration between doctors leads to the best results. Modern facilities coupled with the professionalism of a team of doctors specialized in all branches of dentistry, permanently included in specialized programs, trainings and international congresses but also communication courses, allow complex oral rehabilitation offering general dentistry, implantology, esthetics, prosthetics, endodontics, surgery, orthodontics and radiology services. Permanent investment in the latest equipment and technologies and permanent concern for recent discoveries in the field hard are justified by the quality of care for our patients smile.

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